Genuine Parts

Counterfeit auto parts continue to be a very serious problem in China. Counterfeit auto parts not only infringe on the intellectual property of automobile manufacturers, but they also severely affect automobile repair quality, which can endanger driver safety, cause damage to the automobile and result in significant costs to car owners. A goal of this column “Genuine Parts” is to raise the awareness of our customers about counterfeit auto parts so that they are better able to protect themselves and their automobiles.

Our Responsibility

GM is dedicated to "designing, manufacturing and selling the world’s best vehicles". Part of that dedication means giving the highest priority to product quality and consumer safety. GM brand protection aims to protect the personal safety of drivers, passengers and public threats posed by counterfeit and substandard products.

GM Parts Frequently Subject to Infringement

The GM products most frequently subject to infringement are those most associated with routine repairs and service that take place during the lifecycle of the vehicle. These include, but are not limited to, parts such as oil, fuel and air filters, brake pads and discs, spark plugs, batteries, antifreeze fluid, engine oil etc., as well as repair and replacement parts such as auto lamps, front grilles, bumpers and auto glass.

Our Anti-counterfeit Measures

Component Branding:

In an aftermarket built on fierce competition, component branding is an important sales tool as well as a powerful weapon to combat counterfeit and unauthorized products. This involves ensuring that our trademarks are fixed permanently onto the key parts for auto manufacturing and maintenance. The component branding of GM’s China entities are as follows:

Security Label:

It is usually difficult for customers to differentiate counterfeits from the originals by their outer appearances alone. Therefore, we have found a security feature which cannot be counterfeited. This preventive measure is called the security label. Through advertisements, education and awareness campaigns, we ensure our customers are better informed about how to recognize the security labels. In China, we currently have the following security labels adopting advanced security features:

SGM Label SGM Label SGM Label (for export) SGM Label
(for export)
FAW Label FAW-GM Label SGMW Label SGMW Label
(3rd generation)
SGMW Label SGMW Label
(4th generation)
ACDelco Label ACDelco Label

Security feature:Turn the label from side to side and a very strong silver color appears on one side while the other side disappears and vice versa.


  • What are the potential damages of counterfeit parts?

    What are the potential damages of counterfeit parts?

    Auto parts include safety related items and counterfeit ones are dangerous. Original parts stand for good quality and reliable performance, which ensures the personal and property safety of our customers and the general public. Each individual genuine replacement part is subject to the same standards as original equipment products - from the planning, to quality assurance and warranty. Counterfeit auto parts, such as air bags, brake pads, car lamps etc., are not tailor-made according to the requirements of different vehicles models, and the materials and technology used in counterfeit parts are not produced to meet the high standards of the automobile manufacturer. Thus they could easily cause accidents which directly endanger driving safety.
  • Is it really cost-effective to buy counterfeit auto parts?

    Is it really cost-effective to buy counterfeit auto parts?

    The answer is “No”. Although counterfeit auto parts may seem cheaper at the outset, the possible damage that counterfeit parts may cause can result in real and substantial financial losses by affecting or even destroying the core operational systems of the vehicle.
  • What are the general methods to identify counterfeit auto parts?

    What are the general methods to identify counterfeit auto parts?

    Counterfeit products can often be differentiated from the genuine products by their exterior appearances, paints, surface coatings or finish, craft, etc. However, as most car owners are not experts in automotive manufacturing, we have provided some basic tips that may help to identify counterfeit auto parts:
    1. Ask the service provider to show you the products as well as their packaging before installing.
    2. Check the security labels on the packaging to see if the security feature meets the GM standard; then check the packaging; if the packing papers look thin, with blurry printing or wrong spellings, or looks different from the packaging that you’re familiar with, you should pay extra attention to the related products.
    3. Be careful about the products offered at prices lower than market’s average.
    4. Choose genuine GM products obtained from our appointed after-sales service centers and request for receipts or invoices after purchasing. You may click for the addresses and contact information of GM’s appointed after-sales service centers.
  • How to learn more about identifying genuine and counterfeit auto parts?

    How to learn more about identifying genuine and counterfeit auto parts?

    Please pay frequent attention to the posters and flyers that are distributed by GM’s authorized dealers or appointed after-sales service centers, or visit for more information about brand protection and methods to identify counterfeit auto parts. For specific examples, you’re encouraged to go to to learn more about auto parts and identification.
  • What should I do if I suspect the parts I purchased out of GM service network are counterfeit?

    What should I do if I suspect the parts I purchased out of GM service network are counterfeit?

    If the parts have been installed in your car, we recommend that you bring your car to professionals for maintenance or repair at an appointed GM after-sales service center and choose original parts and products approved by GM. If they are not installed, we recommend that you do not use them in your car, and go to an appointed GM after-sales service center for maintenance or repairs.

Anti-counterfeit Hotlines

GM (China) Investment Co., Ltd. welcomes all kinds of reports or complaints from both enforcement authorities and the public concerning counterfeit GM auto parts. If you discover any company or person who is suspected of producing, selling or stocking counterfeit GM products in large quantities, please immediately dial the toll-free service hotline of Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac or Baojun or send an e-mail to: